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Camp Emerald Bay


Emerald Bay, located on the West End of Catalina Island, boasts secluded beaches and coves as well as world-renowned snorkeling and diving and is frequently counted among the top ten destinations in the world. The hiking trails that radiate from the camp provide the perfect opportunity to spot the endemic Catalina Island Fox or the famously anachronistic Bison. This well-preserved environment, under the care of the Catalina Island Conservancy, provides a unique window into the natural history of California.

Emerald Bay, home to the Boy Scouts of America camp facility, serves over 4500 scouts in the summer with a staff of roughly 150 young men and women dedicated to producing a unique and unparalleled scouting experience. Emerald Bay is more than a resort or weekend away, they work through Environmental Education, Marine Science Initiatives, and Ethics and Leadership Training, to build good people.

The California Challenge Foundation has partnered with Camp Emerald Bay to provide Sunburst Youth Academy cadets with a unique opportunity to travel to Catalina for a weekend. Twice a year the entire academy sails across the sea to provide service to community to the camp, enjoy waterfront activities, a bonfire as well as instruction from the Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy, a top-notch science, conservation, and research outdoor education program.

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