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July 2022 – Cadets return to Catalina

Jul 8, 2022

Sunburst Academy visits the Boy Scout camp in Emerald Bay twice a year to volunteer their time and energy to clean up the camp.

CATALINA ISLAND— In April, a group of 97 cadets from Sunburst Academy, a for-credit five-month alternative education high school program, returned to Catalina Island for a weekend to assist the Boy Scout Camp in Emerald Bay.

The cadets worked together to clear brush, clean up the marine center, reorganize the kayak racks, and do other hands-on work to prep the camp for fire season and visitors.

Jeannie Anderson, a paraeducator at Sunburst Youth Academy and organizer of the Catalina trips, praised the kids for their work on the island and the people who made it possible.

The group is usually supported by Corsair Yacht Club, which has provided tools and funds to support the cadets in their endeavors...

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