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Sunburst across the sea

May 26, 2021

Youth program finds safe harbor for volunteer work at Santa Catalina Island Emerald Bay.

TWO HARBORS, Calif. – The Firehawk and Wolfpack platoons from Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy's Class 27 teamed up with park rangers to support the Western Los Angeles County Council Boy Scouts of America in cleaning the campgrounds of Emerald Bay in Two Harbors, May 14-16.

The platoons made the voyage to Catalina Island, 50 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, where they arrived on the western side of the island at Camp Emerald Bay. They then began working tirelessly over the weekend to get the campground ready for the upcoming summer season.

“It's difficult to get volunteers out here because of the required boat ride, so it usually takes our team a week and a half to do the campground set-up and preparation," said Park Ranger Nate Erlandson.

Sunburst cadets are required to perform 40 hours of community service during their five and a half month residential commitment. Service to the community is a core component of the National Guard's Youth Challenge Program. The opportunity to conduct this necessary and under-resourced service was thanks in part to generous donations from local organizations...

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